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Welcome to Chabadpedia!

Chabadpedia is a collaborative and free Chabad encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

The goal of the encyclopedia is to disseminate the teachings on a global scale, with the potential to bring about the redemption through the teachings of the Rebbe.

Since the aim is to create a comprehensive Chabad encyclopedia, writing on Chabadpedia is free - without the need for prior registration - and anyone can add and modify existing entries.

The process of writing and editing on Chabadpedia is simple. Here are some basic guidelines:

How to get started?[edit source]

1. Do you want to write a new entry that hasn't been written on Chabadpedia yet?

Simply search for the entry in the search bar (top left of the screen). If an entry with that name doesn't exist yet, click on the words to create the page. Now you can write the entry in the window that opens. Please note: The entry might exist under a different name than what you searched for (for example, the entry "Rebbe" might appear under "The Lubavitcher Rebbe"). It's a good idea to check before you write the entry, the likely options.

2. Did you notice inaccurate information or want to add missing information?

Simply click on the Edit tab (at the top of the screen), correct and/or add what's needed. Click on Show preview, review the changes for any errors, and then click Save page. Your edits will then be updated.

Please note: There are protected entries that only system operators can edit. If you want to add or change information in one of these entries, propose your changes on the article's talk page or contact a system operator.

Basic editing rules[edit source]

A. The title of the entry should appear at the beginning - preferably in the first sentence, and it should be bold.

B. Remember punctuation rules: comma within a sentence, period at the end of a sentence, and a new paragraph (Enter) as needed. Also, in entries covering different topics, add headings as appropriate.

C. Link any word or words that you see as an existing or future entry.

D. For organization purposes, categorize each entry under the appropriate category or categories. If there's no suitable category for the entry you wrote, you can add a category.

Copyrights[edit source]

You confirm that you wrote this text yourself, or copied it from a source that is not protected by copyrights. Do not use copyrighted material without permission! For more information, see Chabadpedia - Copyrights.

For any questions, you can contact us here or via email: